construction testimonials

Liliane Gately, President, L&H Construction, Inc.

Robert W. Irvine & Sons, Inc. is certainly a five-star company. I have worked with this firm since 1992. Before 1992, my father’s company worked with this firm on a multitude of various state projects. Over the past 30 years, no matter what plumbing or heating work I required, R.W. Irvine & Sons, Inc. resolved it expediently by very experienced tradesmen. I have never been dissatisfied with the scheduling or workmanship of this firm. I received the same treatment whether it was a large state project or a small private project. All of the personnel in this organization, both office staff and tradesmen, are extremely helpful as their ultimate goal is to have their clients be completely satisfied. Professionally, this company is the only one I contact for plumbing or heating problems. I have never been disappointed by this firm in a 30-year span. They are much more than a five-star organization.

Tyler Bearse, Project Manager, J&J Contractors, Inc.

Our experience with Robert W. Irvine & Sons is nothing but excellent on each project we work with them. Their team player approach toward resolving field issues, planning, and over great attitude makes for an enjoyable project from start to finish. Their field staff are on top of items without being asked, their paperwork comes in quickly without doing any follow up. We appreciate our business partnership with Irvine and look forward to many more years working together.

Brian Santos, President, W.T. Rich Company, Inc.

Working with Robert W. Irvine & Sons has always been a uniquely positive experience as witnessed on dozens of projects over the past 20+ years. Throughout each project, they consistently demonstrate a superior knowledge of mechanical systems, organized general management, and excellent safety practices; simply put they are true professionals within their craft. I found the best qualities I appreciate most in a subcontractor: open communication, honesty, and cooperation. As a result, very difficult and complex projects are completed on time and within owner budgeted costs.

Patrick DeIulis, DeIulis Brothers Construction

Robert Irvine & Sons has been a valued partner of DeIulis Brothers Construction since the mid-1970’s, bound by our shared values and origins. Our fathers were hardworking and industrious, starting their own businesses with young families to raise. Their paths crossed and bonds were formed through a mutuality of respect and trust. Their work ethic and integrity were instilled in their sons, who were raised in the business from their early teens, learning firsthand the sacrifices necessary in a family enterprise. Now, some 50 years later, our third generation Lynn businesses are still linked. In our industry, we can’t always have our choice on who to work with; however, Robert Irvine & Sons is always on our shortlist of who we want to work with.

Brian McGinley, Vice President, WCI Corporation

Robert W. Irvine & Sons Inc. has performed plumbing work for WCI Corporation for more than 25 years, on both publicly-bid projects as well as for our own commercial construction and properties that we manage. They have the resources of a large plumbing contractor, yet Mark Irvine will always take a phone call or respond to an email if you need him. Robert W. Irvine & Sons has plumbers whom have been with the company for decades, in some cases, and they have an excellent reputation in the industry; all to say they’re doing it right.

Charles Penta, President & CEO – Boston Building & Bridge Corporation

I have known Mark Irvine for over 30 years and he and his team at Robert W. Irvine & Sons are a pleasure to work with. Over the years we have built a very strong working relationship which has resulted in many successful projects together. Mark and his team are all true professionals with the expertise to tackle any issue, large or small, that a project can present. When the Irvine team is on a project you can be assured the work will be completed correctly, efficiently, and on schedule.

Rick Magliozzi, President, IFCC

IFCC recently learned that Irvine will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary, which in and of itself speaks volumes as to Irvine’s commitment to their customers and the industry. Their success is an inspiration who has worked with Irvine on a number of projects varying in size, scope and complexity. In terms of attention to our specific needs, Irvine has exceeded our expectations and successfully provided the same high quality attention to detail across the board. IFCC not only considers Irvine to be a business partner, but as a truly valuable asset. IFCC cannot understate the critical importance and value of partnering with Irvine as it has assisted IFCC in achieving goals it would not otherwise would have been able to have met without Irvine’s commitment and involvement.
It is with great honor, privilege and pride that IFCC extends its congratulations to Irvine on the first 50 years of success—with another 50 to come. IFCC looks forward to working with Irvine for many years to come.

Jay Cardosi, J.J. Cardosi, Inc.

J.J. Cardosi, Inc, has been working with Robert W Irvine and Sons for over 10 years. We have completed many challenging projects together, from fire stations tofast track school projects. RW Irvine has always come through, meeting the schedule and helping to
resolve any issues that may arise. We look forward to many more successful projects with them on our team.

Ernest J. Nadeau, P.E., President, Nadeau Corporation

Mark, I have been informed that your company will be celebrating your 50th year in business in 2022…what an accomplishment! In our business, having good relationships with subcontractors is critical through proper performance of the project. Over the years and many projects we have done together, your company has never failed to meet our high standards and expectations. Best of luck to the new generation that will be taking over the reins for the next 50 years.

David Ferraro, President, APC Development Group, Inc.

Robert W. Irvine & Sons Inc. is a valuable member of our team. Their capacity to service our projects and deliver results has earned out trust. They are our “go-to” Contractor for all our plumbing needs.

George Willwerth, President, Colantonio, Inc.

Colantonio, Inc. has worked with Robert W. Irvine & Sons in the public and private market for over 20 years. They are consistently the best plumbing contractor we work with. The management staff in both operations and in estimating are professional and responsive and are people we’ve built relationships with over the years. That culture starts from the top: any issues that are escalated are always worked out to avoid putting any project in jeopardy. Mark understands that there are project needs, not only the needs of a plumbing contractor. Congratulations on 50 years of excellent business, and I know that our relationship will continue to be a successful one.

William J. Dandreo, President, Dandreo Brothers, Inc.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Irvine & Sons over our 35+ year history. We can always count on Irvine & Sons staff and crew to deliver a superior product on time and to budget for all our projects that you work on. Irvine always brings problem solving skills to the job, along with cost savings, attention to detail, and compatibility with other trades, to make working on a project precise and cost effective. Our long history with Irvine & Sons will continue into the future. We wish you many more years of success.

George V. Wattendorf III, President, G.V.W., Incorporated

G.V.W., Inc. has worked with Robert W. Irvine & Sons Inc. for the past 30+ years. They are one of our favorite subcontractors to work with. We appreciate the level of communication and teamwork displayed by the Robert W. Irvine & Sons team throughout all of the projects we have work with them on. We would like to congratulate Irvine on their 50 years in business and wish them success over the next 50 years.

Paul J. Rogan Jr., President, Paul J. Rogan Co., Inc.

Robert W. Irvine & Sons, Inc. has long been a trusted and valued partner of the Paul J. Rogan Co., Inc. Mark & Heather are always our first call for plumbing work, large or small, as we know we can count on them to deliver on time and at a fair price. We congratulate them on their first 50 years in business and we look forward to partnering with them for the next 50.

Andrew Sciaba, Northern Contracting Corporation

Over our 30 years in business, we have worked with innumerable contractors of all trades handling all facets of the construction industry. In our experience, Robert W. Irvine and Sons Inc., is one of the best contractors we have dealt with. They are well organized, accommodating, and cooperative.
Their workmanship is top notch while their pricing has always been extremely reasonable. They are one of the few firms around today that still take pride in not only their quality, but in their ability to meet schedules in a fast paced, ever evolving industry. If you have the opportunity to work with Robert W. Irvine and Sons Inc. we would highly recommend it as they are truly a leader in the industry. We look forward to working together for the next 30 years with Heather and Mark Jr. at the helm.

Jeffrey Nyren, Treasurer/Clerk, Winston Builders Corporation, 

When we have Robert W. Irvine and Sons on one of our projects, we can be confident that we have a quality subcontractor with knowledgeable staff. This makes our job that much easier. Congratulations to you for 50 Years in Business.

Becca Collins, President, Collins Construction Company

Collins Construction Co., Inc. has had the opportunity to have a long-standing relationship with Robert W. Irvine & Sons Inc. Irvine is a family company that shows strong stakeholder values. They work great as part of a Team on both Public and Private projects, showing knowledge and experience of the trade and the business. My father had the opportunity to work with the Irvine’s when Mark Sr. and himself were “cutting their teeth” in their respective family business’. My father always spoke very highly of the Irvine’s and felt a sense of relief when the Irvine’s were on the job. My admiration for Mark Sr. has only continued to grow as not only has he cultivated an organization that is bringing the next generation of Irvine’s in the door, but also continues to provide projects with knowledgeable foreman who understand the complexities of todays construction schedules as well as the intricacies of their own trade. The Irvine’s understand construction documents, schedules, and the need for integrity, doing the right thing even when no one is watching. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the next generation of Irvine’s and look forward to the work we will accomplish in the future together.

Michael Vareika, Founder & President of Vareika Construction, Inc.

Vareika Construction, Inc. has worked with Robert W. Irvine & Sons, Inc. on countless projects in the past 26+ years. Always on schedule, and fair with negotiations when it comes to change order work, we at Vareika Construction consider Irvine & Sons one of our top subcontractors. We are thrilled to continue to partner with Irvine & Sons because of the outstanding quality of work they deliver on each and every project. Congratulations on 50 years, we look forward to many more.

service testimonials

Thomas Demakes, President, Old Neighborhood Foods

Old Neighborhood Foods and the Demakes Family have been using Robert W. Irvine & Sons for over 25 years. We use them extensively for both our new construction projects and our ongoing maintenance for plumbing needs and new equipment installation. They have not only been highly competent plumbers, but wonderful people to deal with as well. They are a philanthropic family, always helping out in the community, and eagerly joining with other family businesses in our efforts to make our local communities a better place to live.
I enthusiastically recommend Irvine and Sons to anyone looking to fill their plumbing needs. They are large enough to tackle big projects but small enough to give customers the personal attention they require.

Carlene Laurent, City of Boston Property Management Department

Service calls are handled quickly and all jobs are completed with professional aptitude and expertise. I can highly recommend their services and professional staff.

Ryan Monks, Director of Building Services, Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School, City of Salem

Robert W. Irvine & Sons, Inc. has been a long-time contractor for the City of Salem. They have a proven track record when it comes to plumbing, heating and other emergency services. They currently hold the plumbing contract for the City and handle most of our emergency calls. They handle all service calls in a professional and timely manner and their craftsmanship is top of the line. On the behalf of the City of Salem, I highly recommend Robert W. Irvine & Sons, Inc., and I am confident that you will be happy with their services.”

Patti Hallgren, Town of Mansfield School Department

Robert W. Irvine has been our plumbing service provider for approximately 10 years and services 5 public schools, varying in size. They have successfully maintained all of our buildings. Their technicians are reliable, courteous and do excellent work. The response time for repair and larger scale projects have always been timely. The entire Irvine team is professional, knowledgeable, and has been a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend them as a plumbing contractor for any project.

Steve Smith, City of Lynn Facilities Manager

Robert W. Irvine has been our plumbing service provider for approximately 10 years and services 5 public schools, varying in size. They have successfully maintained all of our buildings. Their technicians are reliable, courteous and do excellent work. The response time for repair and larger scale projects have always been timely. The entire Irvine team is professional, knowledgeable, and has been a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend them as a plumbing contractor for any project.

Max Kasper, Facilities Director, Town of Swampscott

The Town of Swampscott and Swampscott Public Schools have relied on Robert W. Irvine & Sons for many years for the Town’s plumbing and heating needs. Their responsiveness is extraordinary and they have the ability to handle all size jobs. Our buildings range in age from brand new to over 100 years old and RWI has the expertise to handle any and all of our jobs. We consider RWI a key partner in managing our Facility’s needs.

Eric Neill, Director of Theatre Operations Wang & Shubert Theatres Citi Performing Arts Center

Robert W. Irvine & Sons have been providing capitol project, service call and emergency plumbing work for the Wang and Shubert Theatres in Boston for almost 20 years. Mark and his staff have been great to work and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.

David Twombly, Director of School Operations, Town of Easton

Our experience with Robert W. Irvine & Sons has been great! Heather and her team are very responsive to our needs and it has been a great partnership. As a school district, we need quick responses to complex issues, and Irvine and Sons have become an integral part of our maintenance operations. Their field staff are cooperative and work well with our building staff. We appreciate our working relationship with Irvine and Sons and look forward to many more years working together.